About Full Circle Therapy Services

About Full Circle Therapy Services

Sonia of Full Circle Therapy Services Riverdale MD

Using an interpersonal and integrative approach to therapy.

My practice focuses primarily on adults  between the ages of thirty and forty-five years old who are struggling with depression, anxiety and trauma. I conceptualize issues from a cognitive-behavioral approach, meaning that I will explore together with you the thoughts and feelings related to your behavior patterns and examine their impact on your current psychological and emotional functioning. We will work together to make manageable changes so that you can feel better and move forward to reach your goals.

Ms. Ross has experience working with adolescents and adults on a one-on-one basis in the community, home and office environments. She specializes in treating depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, relationship issues and trauma. Ms. Ross uses an interpersonal and integrative approach to therapy which is used to support the client in gaining insight into their life challenges and utilizing their own inherent strengths to manage these challenges and process concerns in a way that is most useful and relevant to their life and healing.

Ms. Ross also incorporates other clinical and theoretical approaches to help her clients reach their goals. Some of which include cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness practices. With the assistance of the client, treatment goals are established to facilitate change, help clients feel better, improve relationships and access the personal strength which lies within the individual.


Masters of Social Work, The Catholic University of America, National Catholic School of Social Service 2011, Washington, DC

Bachelors of Social Work, University of Maryland Baltimore County 2010, Baltimore, Maryland 


Maryland Licensed Certified Social Worker Clinical (LCSW-C),
License #17573

District of Columbia Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), License #LC50080214